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  Professional Web Design Services FAQs

Netformz Professional Web Design Services FAQs. This section is divided into six categories: Getting Started, Pricing, Services, Marketing, Updates and Hosting. Please scroll down to review the topics below or contact us to speak with a representative to answer any questions you may have.

spacerGetting Started FAQs
How do I get started on my web design project?
The easiest way to get started is to submit our free web design price quote online form. We will review your project details and provide a free phone consultation and detailed proposal for your project.

What is the process for creating the design/layout/navigation?

First we learn as much as possible about your project by reviewing your project ideas, requirements and goals in detail with you. Based on this information we propose various design samples which incorporate these design ideas, project requirements and overall goals. Together we then review your feedback on the initial design samples and we refine them until we ultimately have met your design criteria. As a client, you are welcome to take as active (or inactive) a roll in the design process as you desire.

Who provides the content for the website?

This is completely up to you. If you have the copy and other information ready for your website we will develop your website based on your provided materials. If you need help in creating any textual content, photographs, logos or other graphic images we can provide these services for you.

How long does is take to complete the website?

Typical projects take 30 days on average, however faster completion times are available if this is a requirement for your project. Completion time requirements are included in our web design price quotes.

What if I already have a domain name (or if I need one)?

If you already own your own domain name we will make the necessary changes to have it point to your new website. If you need a domain name, we will register the domain name for you. In both cases you will not be charged a separate setup fee or any other "hidden charges" -- The price quoted in your web design price quote will be for the full completion of your website.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

We are positive that you will be completely satisfied with your web site that we will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason during the development of your web site. Click here for more details.

Why should I choose Netformz over the other companies?

Since 1999 Netformz has built a reputation for professional web sites, exceptional customer service, outstanding website marketing, quality web consulting service, meeting the growing needs of our clients, and of course our prices. Click here to learn more.

spacerWeb Design Pricing FAQs
How much does it cost to create a website?
As a custom service provider Netformz provides price quotes on a per project basis, however a general pricing guide can be found here. For a detailed proposal please submit our free website design price quote request form and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

How can I pay for your web design services?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards as well as payments by check, cash or PayPal.

Do you finance websites?

Financing is typically only available on our larger projects, however we can work with you to meet your specific needs regardless of your project size. Please contact us for further details.

Do you offer discounts or specials?

Yes, we offer pre-payment discounts on any yearly pre-payments as well as Maintenance Plan discounts (see the "Website Updates" section below). Plus, from time to time we offer specials on various services and additional features. Click here for our current website specials.

spacerWeb Design Services FAQs
What services does Netformz specialize in?
Netformz specializes in custom website design/redesign, e-commerce websites, database driven websites and websites that require custom programming to meet specific needs. Combined with our exceptional website marketing, customer support, Internet consulting and meeting the growing needs of our clients, Netformz is truly a Full Service Web Design Company. Click here to learn more about our web site design services.

Do you do other web projects besides custom and e-commerce websites?

Yes, as a custom service provider we develop websites ranging from 1-5 page informational websites to custom e-commerce website and from website redesigns to complex database driven websites. Even if your needs have not been specifically mentioned on our website, chances are we will be able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Are all your websites truly custom designed?

Yes, all our web development projects are custom designed to your specifications. With our staff of dedicated designers, programmers and marketing experts we are only limited by our and our client's imaginations. Plus, with "source code" access to all the web technologies that we work with, we can truly customize any part of your website to your specific needs.

What if I only need to redesign my current website?

Redesigning websites is one of Netformz' specialties. Requests for redesigning and/or upgrading websites is becoming more and more common as companies "grow out" of their existing websites and their current website design service is not equipped to handle their current and future needs. Rest assured the Netformz is committed to handling the current and future needs or our clients.

How many products can I sell in your e-commerce websites?

Our e-commerce websites can handle from 1 to virtually an unlimited number of products. Plus, with the provided back-end administration you can easily add/modify/delete products and images securely from your own computer if desired.

Can I accept credit cards and other payment methods with my website?

Yes, if you do not already have a merchant account and/or payment gateway we can establish those services for you -- This will enable you to take credit card and other payments online directly from your website.

Does Netformz work with international clients?

From time to time Netformz will work with international clients, however our focus in on working with clients in the USA. NOTE: Our client websites are viewable outside the USA and your target audience is in no way limited to the USA -- your website will have a world wide reach.

spacerWebsite Marketing FAQs
Will my site be listed in major search engines?
Yes. We will develop your website in a format that is search engine friendly and follow this up by taking the steps necessary to place your website into major search engine's.

How will I know how many people are coming to my website?

All our hosted websites are provided comprehensive website stats so you can determine how many visitors you have coming to your website, where they are coming from, what pages they are looking at and so much more. Plus, our e-commerce websites come with advanced statistics specific to e-commerce needs.

How do I get visitors to my website?

Netformz has the experience and proven track record in website marketing to develop custom website marketing plans utilizing the search engines, pay-per-click advertising and other media to drive targeted traffic to your website. Click here for a free web site design price quote which will include a website marketing proposal.

spacerWebsite Updates/Maintenance FAQs
Who updates/maintains the website once it is launched?
With our content management software you will be able to manage content of your website from a simple to use secure administration directly from your web browser. Or, if you prefer, you can have us perform any updates you request. In either case you will have a personal website manager/consultant available to work directly with you and/or answer any questions you may have.

Do I need to sign up for a maintenance plan?

No, maintenance plans are not required. However, you have the option to sign up for a discounted maintenance plan for website updates.

What if I want to add to my website or make major changes in the future?

All Netformz websites are designed to be fully scalable such that future additions or major upgrades can be added. Many of our clients have started out small and grown into larger more complex websites over the years.

What if I want to take over running my website in the future?

You can certainly take full control of your website and completely manage it if you desire. Many of our clients have grown such that they have hired their own in-house web design staff to run their websites -- We are available to act in an ongoing consultancy basis and/or assist in advanced continuing web developmental needs. NOTE: You can also manage your website from day one if you desire.

spacerWebsite Hosting FAQs
What is web site hosting and how much does it cost?
Web hosting in its most basic terms is similar to rent one would pay for a traditional "brick and mortar" store or office. Your website files, graphics and applications will reside on our server which is physically connected to the Internet. We provide the equipment, high-speed connection, monitoring and service required to keep your website available to the world and allow visitors to visit your "location". Hosting fees are typically small depending on the resources required by your website. Click here for a free web site design price quote which will include a hosting proposal.

Can I use a different company to host my website?

Yes. If you already have a web host or are planning to use one of your choice we can typically develop your website at your chosen web host.
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